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My passion is breaking news. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of hearing the initial scanner call, a competitor’s Tweet or to see that note on Facebook. I love covering the initial scene, but paying attention to what’s happening next. What does this incident mean to the community? I have become proficient at live-tweeting during breaking news, using the information as both my notes and my way of supplying information to inquiring minds. Follow along, @AmandaSeef.

April 2012: I was the first with central New York’s biggest news on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Someone had stealthily entered the Manlius Swan Pond, stealing and destroying the coveted swan eggs of the village’s iconic pond. The next four days were filled with breaking news surrounding the mounting reward amounts and subsequent arrest of a 23-year-old man.

February 2012: A simple tweet led to Syracuse’s biggest news story of the day. Syracuse Police Department was hacked by internationally-known hacking group Anonymous because of their handling of the Bernie Fine case. Within a half-hour of my tweeting and posting of the story, every news outlet in Syracuse had picked it up.

January 2012: I was the first reporter on scene after, again, seeing a news tip on Twitter. The mayor had served Occupy Syracuse an eviction order, citing propane tanks and unsafe structures in their camp in downtown Syracuse. That led to the arrests of seven individuals after a 44-hour long eviction period.

December 2011: A village mayor has decided to stay on board simultaneously as mayor and county legislator. How can that be?

July 2011: An Irondequoit man with a violent criminal history shot at police, who had responded for a domestic call. The standoff lasted for 22 hours bringing in hundreds of police.

April 2011: Two men are accused of escaping from the Monroe County Jail, but they’re apprehended eight days later in the town of Sodus, Wayne County. Initial reports suggested the men could be anywhere in the nation.

October 2010: A Greece home explodes from an apparent flaw with a clothes dryer. The residents, a couple in their mid-50s, both made it out of the house before it was completely leveled.

September 2010: A man is accused of stabbing his mother to death in their Greece home. He’s awaiting trial, after being deemed mentally incapable of standing trial.

July 2010: Three deaths, one week. A 21-year-old was killed on 590 after being hit. A 19-year-old died in a fiery crash in Riga. A 24-year-old Turkish man drowned in Lake Ontario.

April 2009: A Brockport junior falls after sliding down a stair case railing and dies. The community came together for multiple vigils.

February 2009: Two people were shot and killed and a third was critically injured in the parking lot of the Lakeside Memorial Hospital in Brockport. About 30 hours earlier, a plane heading to Buffalo fell from the sky and hit a Clarence home. One of two survivors was a College at Brockport student. I was on my way to Buffalo when the homicide story broke. My mother had to post the story to the web as I relayed it, word by word, while driving to Clarence with the news editor.

September 2008: A Brockport freshman falls from a fraternity house window and is paralyzed. Seven students were criminally charged. Parslow later files suit against the fraternity and house owner.

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