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From the epicenter of scandal: Daily Orange editors report on Syracuse scandal
 It’s safe to say the editors at The Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s independent student newspaper, have been preoccupied.“It’s really hard to think about anything else going on but Bernie Fine,” said News Editor Meghin Delaney. (more)

Her lasting legacy: DeWitt’s Vicki Baker retires from public office
A black helium balloon that was set free in Jamesville, and later landed in a Harrisburg, Pa., backyard, sparked a three-decade crusade in local government for DeWitt Town Board member Vicki Baker. (more)

Their business is love
This couple’s business is love, and they want to make your love their business. (more)

West Genesee superintendent tweets away
Don’t wait for the TV scroll, or for the “Ws” in the radio’s snow day announcements.
Just check Twitter if you want to know if West Genesee schools are closed. (more)

Rolling with the punches: Assault City Roller Derby calls Syracuse home
Throw away any idea you may have brewing about roller derby — it’s not just girls on skates, and it’s not for the faint of heart.
“If you’re crying at every practice, it’s like, ‘Really?’ There’s knitting club for that,” said Deb “Crush” Perry, of Syracuse. (more)

In a day’s work: Their vigilance is vital
The radio buzzed. Dispatcher said it was a signal 80, a car accident with injuries. WAVES-1 heads toward the scene. Three cars had collided in the entrance to a shopping center on Milton Avenue in Camillus — two cars hit head-on, pushing into the third, an innocent bystander. (more)

In last Mass, a new beginning at St. Salome
Happy are the pure of heart. Happy are the merciful. Happy are the peacemakers. Happy are those who hunger and thirst for what is right. Eternal life does not accept those who are born but once.
This phrase lies in the window behind the baptismal font, referencing the rebirth of parishioners as they are baptized into Catholicism. But now, it can also serve as reference to the rebirth of the longest-established Irondequoit Catholic church, as it celebrated its last Sunday mass this past weekend. (more)

Fallen Thomas junior Dan DeSanctis embodied the ‘spirit of 2012′
When the Webster Thomas class of 2012 decided its theme for spirit week would be “do work,” with a signature color of orange, Dan DeSanctis took that literally. (more)

 Creativity runs deep with 29-year-old CEO
At 29, Mike Centola is chief executive officer of three of his own businesses, crafting and manufacturing separate products in a Webster home-turned-office. With back offices a blaring blue hue and walls covered in his signature stickers, Centola’s Webster operation has served creativity across the globe. (more)

‘The Boys,’ a constant reminder of 9/11
Three firefighters rise from the rubble, the aftermath of the deadliest attack on American soil. They pull a flagpole and rise Old Glory above, amid the gray sky filled with devastation, yet teeming with American pride.
As the flag was raised, a New Jersey photojournalist snapped the photo that would become the portrait of American pride. Three unsung heroes, showing Americans that among devastation, hope still rises.
Though photos are worth 1,000 words, a monument depicting the famous photo is worth plenty more.

Coke-bottle Virgin Mary draws protest
A sculpture that meshes religion and pop culture is at the root of a controversy at the Marcellus Free Library.
Trumansburg artist Geri Keil created the piece – “Bebe Coca” – as part of a library exhibit on Mexican culture, but a group from a Syracuse church signed a petition demanding the library remove it.

Student to Soldier
The echoing sound rings through the room; Amy Visco reaches for her gun, ready to handle the impending problem. When she can’t find the gun neatly attached to her side, she reassesses the situation. The room: a birthday party. The situation: a popped balloon. Her whereabouts: student at The College at Brockport, Iraqi War veteran. She calms down, reminding herself she is now a civilian, back to the life she put on hold for 10 months while serving overseas. (more)

Billboard showcases Liverpool couple’s 75 years in a marriage that works

With each day that passes, Connie Museums says she loves, understands and relies more on her husband, Sam. After 75 years of marriage, that’s a lot of love.
Sam, 98, and Connie, 95, were married July 7, 1934. They celebrated 75 years of wedded bliss with family and friends at their retirement community in Liverpool last month.

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